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iWebCustom Project Costs

To find out how much your website design or redesign will cost, we will need to provide you with an estimate. For a free estimate with no obligation, please fill the form bellow.

We’ve been told that our prices are way bellow the “normal” prices offered from other companies. Read the client’s testimonials.

When requesting an estimate, please provide as much detail as you can so that we have a clear indication of what you are looking for and can ensure that the estimate is correct:

Estimate Form


Remember when filling in the estimate request form that the more information you are able to provide, the less likely it is that we will need to contact you and ask for further information before quoting a price.

Information we usually need includes:

  1. Details about the domain name for your website.
  2. Details of your design preferences – are we designing from scratch or do you have a logo or branding to design around.
  3. Are there any other websites that you particularly like the design of?
  4. Timescales – do you have a fixed deadline or are you flexible?
  5. How many pages – if your site is fairly static (i.e. not linked to a database) approximately how many pages do you anticipate?
  6. Will you need forms on the site such as a contact us form or an estimate request similar to this?
  7. Do you need a search form?

How long before I receive my estimate?

Depending on the complexity of the website you require and the number of estimates we have to process at any one time, it can take a couple of hours to several days to provide a written quotation.