Microsoft Is Killing Off the Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Out In 2015

Microsoft Is Killing Off the Internet Explorer in 2015

Good News!

As we design websites and web applications, we always had to care about the IE all those years… We had to tweak the CSS, JS etc. to make it work. Looks like the end is near! We do hope that the new one will be real good.


While Microsoft has dropped hints that the Internet Explorer brand is going away, the software maker has now confirmed that it will use a new name for its upcoming browser successor, codenamed Project Spartan. Speaking at Microsoft Convergence yesterday, Microsoft’s marketing chief Chris Capossela revealed that the company is currently working on a new name and brand. “We’re now researching what the new brand, or the new name, for our browser should be in Windows 10,” said Capossela. “We’ll continue to have Internet Explorer, but we’ll also have a new browser called Project Spartan, which is codenamed Project Spartan. We have to name the thing.” Read full article here >

Credit > Yahoo